Friday, September 23, 2016

Coupled..Pastel..Texas Artist..Rae Andrews

And now for something completely different!

I started this one a few weeks ago, and I am now finally wanting to get back into it.

It's a pastel on a sanded Richeson board.

Some of you might recall I had a mishap a few weeks ago when my studio leaked and rain splashed my pastel BACKWATER STICKS AND STONES.

The surprise of the lovely texture the rain left on my pastel surface made me want to repeat the whole process, this time deliberately.

I had this close focus photo of marine elements I took in Maui, and thought it was just the ticket to experiment with spontaneous texture.

I wanted the painting to be 'mottled' and 'worn looking, such as one sees when walking around a marina and looking at the ropes etc.

I hope you can see this effect okay, I am sort of liking it.

This image is 9" x 24" unframed

$250 plus S/H

Prints are also available through Fine Art America:

Rae conducts workshops and demonstrations of her techniques in ACRYLICS, PASTELS, OILS, and WATERCOLORS

For more information please contact her at:

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Anna Lisa Leal said...

I am digging this new mottling effect!!