Thursday, July 2, 2015

Earth Patterns 1...Liquid Acrylic and Watercolor

Here is a second small abstract in steps.

As with my previous image, I just tossed some liquid acrylics on the paper and manipulated some marks with my applicator bottle and a brush..

Things changed as I began to use some geometry in the image.

To block out certain areas, I used acrylic white ink, watered down. This gave my eyes some respite from the bright colors.I particularly did this in the lower right corner. After it dried, I completely changed my palette of colors to a cooler spectrum.

The darks are VERY important in these abstract designs. They help ANCHOR the eye and BALANCE the image.

In some areas I took out my original whites, and enhanced those areas with glazes of lime yellow watercolor.

I always leave a lot of whites in my first throw ins if I can, that way I have the option of getting rid of them if need be as the painting progresses.

I hope you are enjoying these challenging little abstracts.
I am...:)))

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